Theidea for the “Mass for the Nyondo Mission”,(a place in the Belgian Congo) cameto the composer during a trip to equatorial Africa where he heard a mass whichwas accompanied by the songs of the natives. The beat of the drum gave the leadfor the rhythm. However, he did not intend to make descriptive music, and evenless to transpose it to an impressionistic force of attraction. The only directreflections of that exotic lithurgy lie in the frequent use of percussioninstruments in the orchestra, which has a normal symphonic instrumentation andin a renouncement of the usual Gregorian subdivision of the usual parts of amass. The composition adds an introductory part here, in which a speakerexplains the motivation of the work, as well as a finale with the words “IteMissa est”.

Introducing- Speaker

Thismass which you are about to hear is the Sunday mass for the Nyondo Mission;Nyondo is a small village in the territory of Ruanda Urundi (Belgian Congo)inhabitated by the Watussi Tribe, peaceful and primitive people. One day Iheard them accornpanied by the rhythm of seven drums like a wild heartexpressing the oldest wish, to speak with God.

1.Kyrie,2. Gloria, 3, Sanctus, 4. Elevazione, 5. Agnus Dei, 6. Finale.